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August 26, 2010

A Trick for Control Freaks!

I have been doing something that I am not proud of--but it really helps...me. I claim it's a time-saver but if I was really being honest, I would admit that it ensures that even when I am not dressing my little one, he is wearing an outfit that I have chosen.
I basically fold the outfits together (a top and bottom) and then place them in the drawer. If someone is taking care of my little guy I can then just say "oh--just grab an outfit from the drawer" and not worry what it will look like because I chose it. I know. I am a control freak. But it honestly does save time. Instead of looking for a top and then trying to find a bottom in the morning, I can just pull out my pre-selected outfit all folded together. It also ensures that the pieces of an outfit get worn together. Overall, it keeps things together and saves time--the bonus is that you know what your kid will be wearing even if Daddy is dressing your little one.


  1. You are too funny! I never realized you were so controlling =)

  2. Daddy appreciates this!