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August 27, 2010

Friday Faves: kids show

So I am going to rely more so on the moms with toddlers/preschoolers and school aged kids for this one. This will provide the info for the moms with younger ones as to what shows you enjoy along with your kids.

WHAT IS YOUR FAVE CHILDREN'S SHOW/DVD? Or what show can you watch with your little one without going nuts?


  1. My daughter's favourite is definitely 4 Square! It can be annoying,but it keeps her attention and is fairly short so she is not watching tv for too long a period. It helps when she gets crabby around 4:30pm each day.

  2. I have never heard of it--I will have to check it out!

  3. If you get Treehouse on demand on channel 220 they always have a couple of episodes of 4 square under the play and learn section.

  4. I have a boy. It's Thomas and Dinosaur Train. (MICHELLE)