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July 6, 2010

Back to Work Strategy #6-- Do a once over

Here's a QUICK tip that could really help you out!

Sitting on the subway yesterday I all of a sudden noticed baby cereal on my arm--all caked into my arm hair. I at least had time to remove it, so I was ok.

Today when I gave my little one a hug I got a nice little kiss on my shoulder, which then left food bits all over my shirt.

So... here are my tips: have two outfits ready every day (this just means ironing ahead of time--you can always use it another day) and do a once over before you leave the house. Change if needed or use a Tide To Go Pen if isn't that bad.

A full length mirror is really great for moms.

If you are doing the daycare drop-off, baby wipes and tide to go pens can help with quick fixes!

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