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July 7, 2010

Gro baby

You all know I love Babysteals.com and today they have cloth diapers on sale!!! And not just any cloth diapers--but Gro-baby which are a really great brand and super cute. Two of my favourite Moms--Meghan and Jill use them and love them. I have tried them out and they are really great.

The pros:
Easy to use
very cute
very absorbent
You can re-use the shell for multiple changes

The cons:
They take a long time to dry if you hang-dry (air dry) them
They can stick to each other or other clothes in the wash because the velcro is very strong. Fasten the diaper and Flip your diaper inside out to prevent this from happening.

With Babysteals it's only a one-day thing and you have to be quick so here is the link:

Check babysteals daily for great deals and they are an American company but are very Canadian-friendly.

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