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July 5, 2010

Just for Me Coupon Code

Want a personalized CD for your little one?


With around 3,600 names to choose from there is a good chance your child’s name is an option!

Discount: 25%
Coupon Code: SWEET
Expires: July 11, 11:59 PM EST

Here is what they say about their products:

Our Cd is a personalized collection of classic children’s songs redone like you’ve never heard before. Each CD is customized with your child’s name on the disc, and sung over 75 times on this 12 song collection. New, interactive lyrics teach concepts like safety, nutrition, the ABCs, and even new languages by singing directly to your child. And you can feel good about your purchase, as partial proceeds support the Sick Kids Foundation. There is no extra charge to have 2 or 3 names on the same CD.

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