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June 3, 2010

Class Review--Mr Bear Says Hello

Class Name: Mr Bear Says Hello
Time: 11:15
Location: Mabel's Fables
Leader: Erika (and Sally was there too)
Group: Sally and Erika's Storytelling Programs

I came to this course through two friends of mine (Jen and Meghan) who attended a class and raved about it. I wasn't busy on Thursday mornings and I love spending time with them so I signed up. I AM SO GLAD WE SIGNED UP.

Sally and Erika are two of the warmest individuals I have ever met. Their smiles are welcoming and their demeanor is calm and friendly. I have been to other types of classes where the leader is overwhelming for the little ones and so it was really nice to be in such a warm environment. I think the young ones were very receptive to the program because of the way Sally and Erika are: accepting and encouraging without being pushy at all.

Mr Bear Says Hello teaches rhymes, actions, movement and songs and they provided handouts for the class so that you can remember the rhymes when you go home. Every class also has a story-telling component and really encourages a love for reading. Sally and Erika also have two cds and dvds that you can get from the library to try out (and the cds help to remember the songs/rhymes once you go home!) I took the cd out from the library and then ended up needing my own copy so that my little guy and I could do the singing/rhyming on our own and not worry about returning it. The CD has now found a home in our play area cd player where we listen to it every day.

The funny thing is that Sally and Erika are so sweet that they don't even push their products on you which is nice (as they totally could during the class). They keep reminding you that you can get their products from the library.

Overall, this is a great class. Sally and Erika offer their classes at various locations around the city--so do check out their website. I would highly recommend this class to everyone.

Also, check out the review my friend posted on her blog:

The only thing I would "improve" on this program is to have the handouts (which are photocopies) made into a book with pictures as I plan to keep the handouts forever and I wish they were bound in a book instead of just having them stapled together! This could be something they offer separately with the classes!!! (hint, hint Sally and Erika)

We look forward to taking more classes with Sally and Erika (and hopefully Mr Bear too!) and hope to see you there too!

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