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June 2, 2010

An informative night in

Recently a friend of mine recommended the book "the happiest toddler on the block" by Harvey Karp. I had read "The happiest Baby on the Block" and found it useful so I put the book on order at the library. My friend Jen then said that after reading the book she decided she was going to get the DVD from the library so that her husband will watch it with her because her husband is not going to read the book. HOW SMART IS THAT???

After hearing this, I quickly put a hold on the DVD as well.

Last night there was no hockey game on, no tv shows that my husband would have liked to watch (most shows are over for the season) and so we grabbed some snacks and watched the DVD together.

By watching the DVD it saved me from trying to recap an entire parenting theory to my husband (which happens a lot since I have read so many parenting books), it generated conversation about our son and other kids we know, allowed us to share our parenting views and ultimately it was something we did together.

Would I try to do this every week? No. Would I pop a DVD in just as he sits down to play video games? Absolutely not. But every so often I think that this is something we could do if there is a DVD out there that I think would be interesting for us to watch together. This also worked for us because in our prenatal class they showed the happiest baby on the block dvd and it was useful, so we both watched this willingly.

So next time you are sitting there recapping some theory to your husband that you read in some parenting book--you might want to save your breath and get the dvd or find clips on YouTube. (Sleep guru Marc Weissbluth is on YouTube).


  1. So was the dvd any good? What did you think? I am still waiting for mine.

  2. The DVD was ok--it was short and to the point. Harvey Karp is a little different...but he is very clear. So was it an oscar-worthy movie? No.
    However--it does generate ideas and the theory is very clear.