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May 13, 2010

Picture Books for Babies

So we all know that babies of a certain age LOVE PHOTOS. We also know that babies benefit from story-time. Incorporate the two and you have a wonderful activity that can then be turned into a keepsake.

Recently I filled a book called "I love Mommy Because" with photos. It is a simple board book that has slots where you place photos in. My son loves it. The book typically retails for over $10 (I didn't pay that) which is kind of crazy because you can make your own for so much less.

You can just use a photo album (one of those cheap little ones that you can get at the dollar store) slip some pictures in on every other page then write a "story" on paper cut to the 4X6 size that talks about the photo and place the writing on every other page, opposite the photos.

Here's the simple part:

One of the best ways to encourage routine AND language development is to tell your baby about their day. So instead of worrying about creating a story--take pics throughout a regular day and write down what you do.

Example (substitute your child's name for "Baby"):
Baby woke up today. Mommy gave him a big hug.

Baby ate breakfast. Yummy!

Baby went out to play with his friends. (name his friends)

Baby ate a delicious lunch.

Baby had a nice afternoon nap. Then he woke up!

Baby went for a walk.

Baby played at the park.

Baby ate dinner.

Baby had a bath.

Mommy is reading a nice story to Baby and then he will go to sleep.

The end.

Try to have friends/pets/parents in these pics if they are part of his day. My son gets a kick out of seeing me in the pictures.

Putting it on cardstock will make it stronger.

This also makes a great gift if you actually want to be creative and make a story about two friends or an adventure or something. or... a nice story between siblings.

If your child is older, create the story together--warning: it could get wild!.

Have fun and enjoy reading!

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