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May 14, 2010


I tuned into the CBC last Sunday (as I always do at noon so that I can hear my favourite story teller Stuart McLean and the Vinyl Cafe) and Stuart McLean was doing a special on kid's music. It was a different episode for him as he was doing a list of Children's Music that children love and that parents can tolerate. He did a little lead up to each song and then played it.
My husband and I were singing along while our little guy slept (it was an early nap that day--he was off.) The songs were not your ordinary kids tunes (because it is afterall Stuart McLean) but they were good. Davey Crocket, Supercalifragiliciousespialidocious, and Baby Beluga were some of our faves that he played. He even played Anne Murray and some Beatles, but surprisingly not "Yellow Submarine" which was a song that my Dad and I used to sing together. But I guess the Beatles in general were sung to many of us as kids by our parents just like our children might get to know some of our Pop favourites because we know the lyrics. I was singing "I think we're alone now" by Tiffany the other day to my son because I know the lyrics and I also have dance moves to go along with it. He thought it was great just like I thought "Twist and Shout" was so much fun when I was young.
There was another song that was also missing from the list. Stuart McLean is big on Canadian music so I had been hoping that he would play Feist with her 1-2-3-4 when she appeared on Sesame Street--but sadly it didn't make the list. It's kid friendly and a hip song for parents. I love it because it's what I often do--take a tune that I know and change the lyrics around a little. If you haven't seen it (or heard it) check it out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9fciD_II7NI.

Anyway, all that being said, I was wondering today what is the CD or the song that you can tolerate and even enjoy that your little one(s) love?

And...if you are curious about Stuart McLean you can listen to him on Sundays on CBC radio just after the 12 o'clock news or get it through his podcast. My favourite one ever has to his story about Niagara Falls. It's always family-friendly radio so you can have it on and not worry about anything that requires "earmuffs".

I should note that I chose the above pic of Stuart McLean because my hubby has the same shirt.


  1. Great topic today. But really you know you don't have to ask me! I still have the music together Babies CD in the car all the time. "Hello Everybody" makes Stella smile each time it's played.

  2. Someone gave me a Raffi CD and I use it in the car.I get the songs stuck in my head though and now that I am back at work it is quite embarrassing.

  3. We've been listening to ABBA and the Mamma Mia soundtrack lately. It helps with that 5 pm time before dinner, cause it helps me get through making dinner and she likes to watch me dance around. It gets her giggling.

  4. We mostly listen to Sharon, Lois and Bram CDs.

  5. my kids and i love the classic sharon, lois and bram music that i listened to as a kid. i love the anne murray kids music that i also grew up with, but my kids haven't really caught on to it much to my dismay!
    we recently got the barenaked ladies kids' cd "snacktime" and we all love it.