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April 3, 2010

Protect your floors...at least the flooring under your highchair

After wiping the floor (again) under and around my little guy's high chair, I had had enough and decided to put something under his chair so that I could just do a quick wipe after meals.

I of course turned to the internet to advise me on what to buy to solve this dirty little problem. I found splash mats--basically a "mat" that is really a plastic tablecloth with a cute design. Now these are probably great for those who have large spaces because the ones I saw are huge. For those with small spaces--if they don't fit they will bunch. My other issue? the cutesie designs. Am I asking too much to have it blend a little with the decor?

Basically what I wanted was a super-sized neutral coloured smooth place mat to place under a high chair and protect my floors and allow for easy clean-up.

I placed one of those foam puzzle piece things under it but it was too small and the food would get stuck in the grooves or in the texture (ridges) of the foam.

I went shopping with all of this in mind and walked up and down the aisles of Canadian Tire knowing what I wanted but not knowing if it existed.

Bath mat? The rubber ones are ridged for better grip which means that food would slide into it and make it hard to clean.

Place Mat? Almost--if only it was bigger. I think taping the back of them together could work quite well.

Welcome Mat? Wrong material

Finally I stumbled upon my solution: DRAWER AND SHELF LINERS!!! You can buy them in neutral colours and you can buy them in rolls that you cut to size. There are wide ones and slimmer ones (obviously wide are good for this project!) I bought the non-adhesive (so it won't damage the floor and easy to remove) and non-slip on both sides. It's washable.
The only word of caution I have is to read what surfaces it can/can't go on. It seems like each brand have different "not for use" warnings.

Once you find a type of liner that works for you (and the colour) just cut it to size and place it under the high chair. Easy cleaning and it's not an eye-sore.


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  2. I used a bristol board and then I realized it gets went... not sure why I thought this was a good idea. When I read your post the other day I went out to get it as well--and I need two of them (around $10 for both) but I got the non-adhesive and it is non toxic. I got it in white and it works well for wipe downs and it doesn't move because they are made to not move. Perfect. Thanks for the idea Roe!