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April 2, 2010


I know that today is a holiday but I have to get this topic in. Jill stopped by for a visit last weekend (from Ottawa and she is pregnant with baby #3) looking great and sporting a stylish diaper bag. I couldn't believe it was a diaper bag--it looked like a really nice purse! I stroked it lovingly and told her how gorgeous it is as she walked out the door (probably fearing that I was going to grab it off her arm).

I have the SKIP HOP DASH DELUXE (picture above but no, that's not me--just my diaper bag) and I like it because it's messenger style and hands free. It's easy to wash and has a lot of pockets. I also got it on a super sale because apparently the colour wasn't popular (brown with pink piping--which I think is cute) For every day use, it's pretty good--just basic and it addresses all my needs. Great feature? It snaps onto the stroller.What don't I like about it? Magnets are supposed to close the top flap--but if you overstuff it, the magnets don't hold--meaning that you have to be careful that stuff won't fall out of your diaper bag if it is pretty full.

When traveling I use a backpack--again Hands free.

So tell me about your diaper bag (pros/cons) or a diaper bag that you think is great. I look forward to reading your responses!


  1. thanks roe! LOVE my new diaper bag. it's a skip hop studio tote- i'll attach a link to it if i can- i have it in chocolate (i really love the charcoal colour, too). it's a great size- i can fit a lot in it without it being too bulky- it has a lot of zippers and pockets and holds water bottles (or baby bottles) well. i really find it is the perfect size. comes with a change pad. i especially like that it looks like a purse, so i will be able to use it long after baby-days. went away on an adult holiday and still brought it with me and it didn't look like i was carrying around a diaper bag!

    before this one i had a MEXX diaper bag which cost about $40. i found it too bulky and it didn't last very long- the lining started ripping out and the pockets didn't do well, either. in hindsight i wish i had just spent more money on my first diaper bag and gotten something better quality so i wouldn't have had to buy more than one. then again, diaper bags weren't nearly as cute 5 years ago when i was expecting my first baby!

    i also have a ju-ju-be belight, which is great for quick outings when you don't need to carry much, costs only around $35 and is machine washable. not big enough for all-the-time use, though (especially not for 3 kids!).



  2. I have a juju-be as well. It is the JU-JU-BE BE ALL and it is a messenger style bag in a crazy pattern but that is what I wanted. My husband would never, ever use it (because it has flowers all over it) so we also got a SKIP HOP VIA in black. The VIA proved to be good on vacation and I use it when I have my daughter in our carrier. But the JU-JU-BE is cute and fun. Also I got a little JU-JU-BE case in a wild print to put in the via, just to make me smile. I tend to put my things in it for an easy grab and the bright colours make it easy to spot in the backpack.
    Both diaper bags were pretty expensive around $90 for the VIA and over $100 for the Ju-Ju-Be but I think of it as less than I would have spent on a purse pre-baby and I hope to use them for more than one baby.