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April 5, 2010

Class Review-Little Movers at Becoming

Little Movers is the next class in the Parent and Baby series.

Class Name: Little Movers
Class Instructor: Ariana
Class Time: 11 am
Session: Winter
Location: Toronto (midtown)

This class takes the same format as the other classes that came before this one in the Parent and Baby series. We discuss the issues/challenges/joys that we faced throughout the week and get some tips from the instructor and each other then we learn about a topic (with guest speakers or a presentation/handouts ect) and Ariana would complete the class with a developmental activity/toy/book that they would enjoy.

It's a very relaxed format and really gives Moms the chance to discuss and learn.
Ariana is very knowledgeable and gave great advice throughout the session and encouraged us when we were facing challenges. The topics were very relevant to where are little ones were at developmentally so that was wonderful.

Overall, I would recommend this for Moms as it is a great way to get the support and info you need when parenting.

1 comment:

  1. I agree with your review! It is a great class and I we miss it every week now. I wish there was one more class in the series :-)