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April 6, 2010

Making Memories with Picture Collages

I know this has happened to all moms:
One afternoon you are sitting around and you are like "I should really take a picture of my little one __________ (crawling, playing in the jumperoo, in a cute outfit, reaching for something, eating spaghetti, playing outside...) and then you take 6 pics and they are all cute. Then you have to decide which one you want to get developed and send to the grandparents... decisions, decisions.

Well--here is my idea for you today: DON'T DECIDE. Send them all in a collage. No, I am not talking about getting out your glue stick and making a collage...I am talking about using FREE computer software and creating one and then printing it out(or having it printed at your local photo developing location)or sending it over email to more internet savvy family members.

PICASA is a program through google that is easy to use and creates great photo collages and also allows you to edit or enhance your photos. You can write text and add titles. And yep, I will say it again: IT'S FREE.

Collages are a perfect way to capture a moment and look great in memory boxes and scrapbooks. Recently I did one for "SWIMMING" and "EASTER". It's a great way to capture the memories in one page!

Don't want to download the program? No worries--COSTCO PHOTO now offers a collage option as well. Create your collage on their website and then pick it up at your local COSTCO (different sizes available) for a reasonable price. Recently I made these for our Movers and Shakers class and they turned out great. They only cost $2.49 for each one.

Be creative and have fun--it's easy!

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