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April 23, 2010


I made a bad purchase before my little one came along.
I bought 2 nursing bras from Thyme and they didn't last... the hooks on the back of the bras broke quite quickly.

A friend of mine recently had a beautiful baby boy and we discussed nursing bras and tanks but I thought she would benefit from your input as well.

After my negative experience with the bras mentioned above, I bought 2 bravado bras which were more expensive but worth every penny.

Glamourmom tanks are long (covering tummies) and I lovemy tanks.

Thyme's tanks are o.k.... you can find them on sale and they don't have the same support as the Glamourmom tanks, but just to wear at night or around the house, they are fine.



  1. Bravado nursing tanks were my faves. Now that I am done nursing I still wear them.

  2. is it bad that my son is 18 months old and I am still wearing my nursing bras (he stopped nursing at 1)??? I'm just too lazy to go out and buy new bras... I have Thyme Maternity bras, ones with underwire and have had no issues with them.

  3. I love that we all post during nap time.
    I had my baby when the weather was getting warmer. I actually bought some cute v neck nursing shirts at motherhood maternity. They`re sleeveless and look like regular shirts. There is a little part to pull over when nursing. They offer Full Coverage and made me feel like I could go out of the house. They were under $20. I bought more than one because they were really nice and an excellent fit.

  4. With my first baby, I only bought Thyme nursing bras because I didn't know that I had other options. The support in the Thyme bras is not good, and the sizing is a bit off for me. With my second, I realized that there are much better bras out there. I love my Bravado tank so much that I ended up buying another and a Bravado bra as well. I will totally wear all three even when I'm not nursing! I bought a Glamourmom tank, too, because I liked how long it is, but it doesn't fit my shape as well as the Bravado. It seems to flatten out my chest, whereas the Bravado makes it look just right.

  5. You can be a test fitter for Bravado when you are pregnant and they give you free products.
    I went about 3 weeks before having my daughter and they gave me a free nursing bra and a free nursing tank which I know both are quite expensive. I did not end up using them though since I did not nurse so I cannot really review them.

  6. That's a great tip for moms to be--- thanks for posting!