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April 22, 2010

Earth Day=Diaper thoughts

I thought I would share this info with everyone in order to acknowledge earth day. I believe that the entire debate over cloth/disposable is a difficult one as each diapering option has pros and cons. Here are some links that I found to be helpful when making my decision although both options do have an environmental impact. If anyone has other links to share, please do!

Keep in mind as you read this that some of the data concerning economics is a little off since the introduction of diapers such as the flip, econobum and gro-baby where the cost is significantly decreased (don't need as many covers) and where the convenience and ease of use is still there. Also, keep in mind that the cost/impact on the environment is significantly different if you use the cloth diapers on more than one child (used or using yours on a second/third child).






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