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April 25, 2010


Well, we had a busy weekend--going to two events which required dressing up. I learned a hard lesson...don't wear something satin-y or silky with a baby. You end up having drool/spit up and whatever else on you for the duration of the day.

I did however learn that a sling can become a stylish accessory (and of course I already knew that it's a great way to carry your baby.) I was stopped by numerous people and received compliments on my sling--not on my barf-covered new dress. Slings are also awesome at covering spit up.

Hotslings are currently on sale at Moms To Be... and come in some pretty cute patterns.

The one important thing with slings though is that you should have it properly fitted first. When they are properly fitted, you will find that the weight is distributed well on your back/shoulders and you will not feel a strain. (My son is over 20lbs and I had no problem). Also, a properly fitted sling is safer for baby.

Slings fit neatly in a purse and are great to grab for a quick run into a store. The sling keeps your baby close to you and your hands free.

Make sure to read the safety advice before using a sling so that you have your baby in a safe position.

There are a lot of different brands--try them out for comfort before you decide on one.

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