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February 6, 2010

Toy Making 101

Becoming Maternity Centre has a class called Movers and Shakers. Yesterday, the leader brought out coffee tins that have holes cut into the lids. For motor development, these "toys" can be used to learn to place objects in the can (through these holes). Because the cans are well, cans... when the objects go into the can they make noise--so these tin cans become quite amusing for your little one. The Leader mentioned that these cans are a great idea instead of sorters (you know the plastic or wood ones with the different colour shapes, pictured above) when your child is younger (7-10 mths) because the sorters that you buy have different shapes with different holes which can get frustrating for the young ones. Those sorters are better for later on. Look at these tin toys as an intro to those more advanced toys.


Make the hole in the lid as big or as small as you would like (depending on your child) and choose objects to place inside that are suitable for your child's age range and ability. (blocks, poker chips, ping pong balls...) The Leader suggested to use the same tin and cut different shapes or sizes of holes in the lids and replace the lids so your child gets different experiences plunking different types/sizes of things inside.

And there you have it--a fun toy that your child will love--and it's free and easy to make.

To make these toys even more mom-friendly--my mommy-friend Jen suggested that we use Formula Cans since they are a good size and most moms have them around the house right now!

If you really want to make the can special use a marker and write your kid's name on it or draw some shapes. LOL--But really--there is no need as the label on the can is just as special to them as their name at this point.

Enjoy Playtime with your new toy!

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  1. We made one and our daughter seems to really like it!