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February 5, 2010


Do you want to make a cute baby tee or bib in a few easy steps???

Oh come on--I know you do! I mean what else do you have to do this weekend? :) LOL
Or you can talk grandma into doing this. Customize these and they are sweet as gifts or for a special day for your sweet baby.

COMPARE: Cute baby onesies with fun messages are typically $15-$20. Once you have the iron on paper--these are free since you probably have a plain onesie or bib lying around. Staples sells the transfer paper for $12-$16 for 5 sheets.

Materials Needed
Iron on image
Iron on transfer paper
T-shirt or other material


Download the iron-on transfer image of your choice in PDF format
Print the PDF on iron-on transfer paper
Iron onto material of your choice
Notes & Suggestions
Read the instructions that came with your transfer paper.
You can buy iron-on transfer paper at office supply stores, as well as online.
Iron-ons are printed "in reverse" so they appear correctly after being ironed on. Hold paper up in a mirror to see what it will look like when finished.
Some printers will reverse the image if you "tell it" that you're printing an iron on.
Test-print the image before printing to iron-on-transfer paper
Make a gift for grandma or grandpa or just keep it for yourself :)

Here are some sites that have free iron-on transfers but if you google "free iron-on" you will get a lot of sites to choose from:


(this one is great because you can put a name or a nickname or a message on it)






Happy crafting!

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