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February 7, 2010


Freebie: Sign Up for hydraSense Dolphin Club, Receive Dolphin Bath Glove & More

HydraSense, which produces a line of nasal sprays, has a newsletter signup that will reward you with some freebies. If you register for the Dolphin Club, you will receive a Welcome Kit that includes product rebates with a stated value of $50 and a dolphin bath glove. The dolphin bath glove would be great for your little one--it looks really cute.

As is usually the case with such freebies, you do have to provide personal information like your email address and mailing address. My recommendation (as I have stated before) is to create an email account for freebies and giveaways so that way your work account or personal account doesn't get loaded up with stuff.

Here is the link:


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