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January 20, 2010

my back is sore!

Today, as I pushed my son up a hill in the stroller I felt soreness in my back and I came to the conclusion that the source of my back problem is stroller posture!

From the American Physical Therapy Association:

When pushing your child in a stroller, you
will want to stay as close to the stroller
as possible, allowing your back to remain
straight and your shoulders back. The
force to push the stroller should come from
your entire body, not just your arms. Avoid
pushing the stroller too far ahead of you
because this will cause you to hunch your
back and shoulders forward.

So I was pretty proud of myself and thought that I had solved the problem but then when I was putting my little guy to bed tonight I felt that same ache. I realized that I also have poor form when putting him in the crib.

From the American Physical Therapy Association:

As you lift, keep you feet shoulder-width apart, knees
slightly bent. Arch your low back and, while keeping your
head up, bend at your hips. With both arms, grasp your
child and hold him or her close to your
chest. Straighten your hips so you are in an upright position, and then extend
your knees to return to a full
stand. To return your child to the crib, use the same
technique and always remember to keep your child close to
your chest.

I think that we often jump at the needs of our children and forget about ourselves. Happy and Healthy Mommy=Happy and Healthy Baby.

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