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January 21, 2010


This is the best deal ever...get it while it lasts! (THANKS BLOGGER-FRIEND BELLE FOR FORWARDING THIS TO ME!)

Right now they have two deals on. To buy one cover it usually costs $32 us. But if you select one and then enter the promo code “Christmas” you get the cover completely free. All you have to do is pay shipping and handling which is under $10 U.S.

Obviously with a code like "CHRISTMAS" it might not be around that much longer.

And they have a nursing “package” which includes one cover of your choice, a nursing bracelet and 10 washable breast covers and if you enter the promo code “Thankyou” you get it for $5 plus shipping and handling.

Nice shower gift!!!


The “Thank you” code just came out so that one will be around for a while. You can use the same address. You can order as many as you want but you have to open a new browser every time and order only one at a time. Of course, you pay the same shipping charge for each one but they’re free already so it literally costs you just the shipping. They come in about 4 weeks.


  1. Thanks, Roe! What a totally awesome deal. I just bought one for myself, and if I don't use it, I'll save it for a shower gift. Nice!

  2. Great deal. I just bought something similar for $42 recently! I am buying one just in case.

  3. Got mine in the mail the other day and there was no additional duty charges... awesome.

  4. Uddercovers.com has another promo for a free cover (just pay shipping). the promo code is “choice2”.