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January 20, 2010

Class Review-- Music Together

Baby Class Review

Class Name: Music Together (BABIES)

Date Attended: Fall 2009

Location of Class: Becoming Maternity Centre

Guest Blogger Name: Roe

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With every Music Together class you receive two cds (one for the car and one at home) and a music book. (Along with this, in the Fall session we received a Music Together canvas tote.) There is a reason why you receive cds and a book though—it is a pretty serious class. You are expected to sing along and know the songs. If you want to bring music into your home (different types of music) then this is the class for you.
The collection of songs for the babies collection is excellent—very easy to learn and sing-along with. When we put the songs on in the car—they have a soothing effect on our baby.
Josie is the instructor who taught this class (there are a lot of instructors and a lot of different locations) and she is a very special person who loves her job. She is always smiling except when parents aren’t participating. In Josie’s class, socializing should only take place before and after the class—class time is for music…which for the parents who are into it—is great. (You get a lot of songs and activities in the 45 mins!) Josie will chat and socialize as well before and after the class with the parents.
Music Together offers different song collections every session, so you know that your experience will be different and you will learn different things with every course you take.
In Toronto you can take a Music Together class pretty much every day during the week and there are even classes on Saturday.
I have had a wonderful experience with Music Together and I know that another Mommy-Friend has had an equally wonderful experience.
I am currently taking another session of Music Together and many of my classmates from last session are in this class too—so obviously I am not alone in enjoying this class.
If you are ever going to miss a class--you can easily schedule a make-up and attend a different class. This is very good service to offer for busy families!


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