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January 11, 2010

Introducing Foods...HELLO CONSTIPATION!

Over the past four weeks I have started to introduce solid foods. The introductions were going very well "Hello rice cereal", "Hello pears", "Hello squash"...then..."Hello Constipation!".
A new friend was made "Hello Prunes"...but we are still having issues... any suggestions??


  1. Make sure to breastfeed regularly

  2. I heard if u rub around the navel it’s supposed to stimulate your colon? Not sure if it’s true or not, worth a try i guess.
    Dheena :)

  3. Are you giving your babe lots of water?
    Try to cycle the legs, that always helped my babe when he was totally gassy and had hard poops.

  4. It wont last too long my babe had hard pellet like poops for a bit then it went away. Every once in a while they come back but i just eased off the bananas and the carrots, give him blueberries and he’s good! (for some reason carrots constipate, my dr told me that). The prunes should take effect in the next 48 hours.
    PC organics makes this nice apple blueberry sauce, only apples and blueberry.