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January 10, 2010


If your baby is teething and has taken to sucking on the straps of your ERGO or BECO baby carrier--then here is an easy project for you!

The Ergo has a "SUCKING PAD" that attaches around the straps of your carrier that retails between $10-$20.

Here is a way to make your own...DON'T STOP READING--IT REALLY IS EASY!

1) Take a washcloth (baby size washcloths work best) and wrap it around the strap of your carrier where your baby sucks.
2) Attach self adhesive velcro to the facecloth so that the facecloth covers the strap and it is secure. For a Beco--the straps are thinner so your might want to cut the baby facecloth in half. If you want a more permanent sucking pad sew the velcro onto the facecloth.
3) You can remove the facecloth and wash when needed.

HINT: Self adhesive velcro can wash but it does un-stick eventually whereas if you sew the velcro on then it will last. Self adhesive is good though for beginner crafters or if you are unsure as to where you want to place the velcro and you want to try it out for a bit. Don't try to sew self-adhesive velcro as it makes your needle sticky.

Total cost of this project:
VELCRO (self adhesive or not) available at Dollar Stores for $1
Washcloth, baby size (you probably have one that you can spare at home) packs of 3 range from $5-$15--and you only need one.

BONUS: Babies love sucking on facecloths and this way your carrier doesn't get wet. Simply take the cloth off and wash it as needed--so much easier to wash a cloth than a carrier.



  1. Great idea!
    My Ergo even says I shouldn't wash it too often, so this is definitely what I should do. (Meghan)

  2. UPDATE:
    Jolly Jumper sells strap covers that are made of facecloth material that would also work. They are supposed to be for car seats so that the size might be more ideal for the Becco.
    They sell one type that is plush and one type that is like a facecloth--facecloth-like one is better for them to suck on.
    Spotted at Toys R Us for 4.99.