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September 1, 2011

Book Review: I don't know how she does it

title:I don't know how she does it
author: Allison Pearson

This book tapped into my mom-guilt...huge. What was supposed to be a nice light book for me to read (recommended by the librarian) turned into a guilt-inducing and sad look at my life when I am not on mat leave (without the flirtations with clients and the nanny).
Yes--there are some cute parts that made me giggle and smile...but overall, it stressed me out and made me feel like I probably will be living an unbalanced and stressful life for many years to come.
The book is about Kate Reddy, a working mother of two. She is constantly traveling, working late and desperately trying to balance her career and her kids but fails miserably over and over again. She feels like she is not giving it her all in either domain and is always torn between her two lives.
It's written well, and is a good read but don't read it if you are hormonal and have a job that makes you work late. And when I say late--I mean anytime after 5:30... because really anything after that you are rushing home, hoping to make it for dinner and bathtime and knowing that quality time is out of the question for you and your kids. (Yes, I am hormonal and shouldn't have read it.)
Does she find a solution to her problem? Is there a light at the end of the tunnel for us mothers who work out of the home? Well... let's just put it this way: it's realistic, so that pretty much answers your question. As a working mother, I commiserated with Kate Reddy and felt for her--all the good and bad at work on the home and work front.
The comedic relief? some cute kid moments and some good emails between her girlfriends and her and of course those overwhelming mom-moments where you forget something or do something that only mom-brain can explain.
I am looking forward to the movie with Sarah Jessica Parker as I hope it puts a positive spin on it so that I am not stressing about going back to work while I watch the movie and can just enjoy it.

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  1. I totally agree, its impressive how she gets the details of a working mom so right.

    So excited they cast SJP. Has anyone seen the trailer yet