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August 9, 2011


For second-time moms there are some shocking things you realize when you have that baby number 2. You really do forget so much of the newborn stage so here are some things that I have noticed...so be warned!

1) They need to be held... a lot.
Yes, they are cute and cuddly and warm and beautiful...but sometimes you are stuck with them in your arms for long periods of times...something you don't have to worry about with your squirmy toddler.

2) Sleep deprivation...
You will tell me that you remember being sleep deprived with your first so you know what it's like...but you have no idea. Number 2 hits you hard because you rarely have time to nap because guess what... the newborn and the toddler don't nap at the same time!

3) Dinnertime madness
Babies like to fuss a lot between the hours of 4:30 and 7pm... right when you are trying to prepare and eat dinner... with your toddler impatiently wanting their food. Hello to prepared meals as they are a life-saver.

4) Babies make strange sounds
With baby number 1, they are comfortably sleeping through the night and might have the occasional snore or cute little sigh...but newborns make crazy noises at all hours that have you jumping out of your bed... which means less sleep for you.

It happens a lot more than you remember... and you will be amazed at what comes out of these little ones... you really do want to forget this part of the newborn phase.

6) Just when you have their schedule figured out... you really don't.
They are tricky these newborns... don't count on anything until 4 month mark! Yes, your toddler thrives on routine and you know exactly what they do throughout the day and at each time...but these new ones... there is no telling what (or when) they are going to do it!

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