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August 10, 2011

Great deal sites

After chatting with my mom-friends Jen and Jenn today, I decided to post some sites that are pretty fun to shop at for deals!

Some great sites for new moms (and not-so-new moms) to check out:


Good deals, Canadian and it posts once a week so there is not that sense of urgency to order. WATCH THE SHIPPING COSTS--sometimes expensive for people who do not live in BC.
American site but very Canadian-friendly. Always check the shipping costs as if the packaging is large, the shipping is expensive. If packaging is small (most items are) it is delivered to your mailbox and really, really fast--usually within a week or less. GREAT DEALS...totally worth it to sign up for the emails...but they will fill your inbox as they post 2 deals daily!! Watch for their "shop their archive" deals that occur occasionally--you get to shop through previous deals and pay for only one shipping. Customer service with this place has always been good and quick!

Moms to Be and More
For Toronto Moms--love this store. The only problem with wacky wednesdays is that sometimes you might have to line-up to get the deal! A line-up has been spotted around the street when the deal has been awesome.

Sweet Mommy deals
This site is Toronto area specific and is like GROUPON. Some great deals for families.

Happy browsing!!!

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