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August 27, 2011

class review--stroller fit at Becoming

WEBSITE: http://www.becomingmaternity.com/classes/summerstroller.html

There is nothing better than getting outside for a good workout so I love this class.

We head down into the beltline for our class so there is lots of shade for the little ones. The beltline provides a great environment and of course includes lots of space for our stroller moves and plenty of stairs to be used as a torture device to out-of-shape moms like me!

The instructor Marci has loads of energy and smiles through the class. She provides different ways to do the exercises depending on your fitness level. She keeps the class moving and the hour passes by quickly--and she makes sure that we always workout for the whole hour!!! She also aligns the class with your own goals--whether you are in it for weight loss, muscle toning or just to get out of the house. She makes it fun but challenges us throughout the entire class. Overall, Marci runs a great class.

I am not sure if it's the fresh air or all the movement but the babies are almost always sleeping or pretty happy.

I recommend to bring a carrier in case your little one wants out of the stroller.

I highly recommend this class--I am enjoying thoroughly and know that I am getting some great results!

Although the website states that the class has a start date, you can start anytime. You can also get a flex pass which allows you to attend different fitness classes.

The classes at Becoming are small and you really get that personal touch. It also allows you to get to know other moms while you work out!

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