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August 26, 2011

age/stage photos!

There are some great ideas out there when it comes to capturing your little one at different stages.

One of my friends has been taking pictures of her sweet little daughter with the same stuffed animal at different stages and puts a little sign beside her to indicate her age. It's amazing to see how much she has grown when you compare her to her stuffed toy.

Picky Sticky does these great stickers that have months 0-24 that you put on your little one's shirt then you snap a pic of them. (and yes, if you are careful with them they are reusable...for the next sibling or a friend..) Very organized and super cute. You can also do this by putting number stickers on your little one's shirt or make a sign beside them.

Are you super organized? Then either make an online album or an actual album or photo book that has the pic with the age/stage sticker or sign, the you write in milestones they reached at that age. A really great keepsake!

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