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July 26, 2011

EXCUSE ME! A little book of manners

TITLE: EXCUSE ME! A little book of manners
Author: Karen Katz

Again, I am very excited that Karen Katz has made some more advanced books for my toddler--my son loves her books. If a toddler can have a favourite author, Karen Katz is his and has been his since about 6 months of age when lifting the flap for surprises surprised him and made him laugh.

Excuse me! Is a great book. My son likes saying the words before we lift the flap so it's a good interactive book.

The first page is a little bit odd "Mommy says do you want peas for breakfast?" What do you say? "No thank you!" Not sure if I love that message since does that mean that he can also say NO THANK YOU to other foods at breakfast or peas at dinner?

Otherwise, the book is great and I highly recommend it. Skip the first page or make up your own version of it when you read it out loud.

The pics are great and it's short and to the point. Perfect for teaching a quick lesson and keeping their attention.

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