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June 26, 2011

Picking Stawberries at Whittamore's Farm


I really wanted to pick strawberries with my 2 year old. I started to source out where to go among friends. People kept saying "somewhere in Brampton, Mississauga and Stouffville." Where I grew up we could ride our bikes to the berry farm so traveling so far seemed odd but I was willing. I did a google search and found Whittamore's farm which is not close to where I live but close to the zoo, which has been a destination for us recently. My friend Sheena said that she had been to Whittamore's so off we went.

It's open at 7am on weekends for Pick your own Strawberries and that in itself is a lifesaver for so many moms--an early activity that can be done to kill time in the morning if you have an early riser!

We got there at 8am and the place was hopping! Lots of people were out.

The prices are a little steep but it is well-organized and the berries were amazing. A $2 off coupon can be found on-line so do print it and bring it in--totally worth it. Also, bring your own containers if possible so you don't have to spend $3.50 on a bucket.

Throughout the year there are a variety of different Pick Your Own options at Whittamore's and so depending on the choice of fruit/veggie that you like, you could go there quite often.

There is a play zone that looks like fun but it is $6 admission. We didn't bother as the strawberry picking was excitement enough for my little guy! He ate a lot of berries and enjoyed it thoroughly.

I highly recommend it! I know that we will be going back again.

Also here is a tip for the people who have ZOO MEMBERSHIP PASSES: it's very close to the zoo so if you want, you can go to Whittamore's then the zoo. A busy but fun morning!


  1. You are a supermom - strawberry picking & the zoo with a new baby and a toddler!!!
    We went to the zoo this morning with one child and it was more than enough :)

  2. With Charles' early wake-up time I need to do something in the a.m--more activities the better!