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June 16, 2011

maternity leave--second time around

I am back. Maternity leave has officially begun for baby #2. I had every intention of keeping my blog going while back at work but between full time work and spending time with my son... life got in the way.

I feel like the start of this maternity leave is going quite well and that I have learned from my past experiences.

The first thing is that I have given myself some time before the baby is due. Last time I wanted to work right up until my due date. Well, baby came early and I never had time to prepare things. This time, I feel like I may have overdone it a little bit and given myself too much time but oh well, here I am.

The funny thing is that even though I have a long list of things to do and I have all this time to do it, I just don't have the energy and often look around feeling overwhelmed at the magnitude of what needs to be done and then give up after I spend a whole day trying to complete tasks only to find that everything gets messy again.

But overall, I think the time thing before mat leave is a good thing. I was finding that I was getting fed up at work and then I was exhausted when I got home. Since I was exhausted, I wasn't giving my 100% at home and there were many nights when we had chicken nuggets instead of a good family meal.

The other reason why it's nice to be off work? I wasn't sleeping. It being June, there have been some hot nights and those have been killer. If it's not the heat, I just can't get comfortable.

So here I am at home, with a long list of things to do and just waiting to meet the little baby that is going to shake up our lives.

I have given myself 2 weeks before my due date in case the baby comes early. Most of my friends seem supportive. One person commented on my facebook " why are you off already?" but overall, although I have doubts, I think this is for the best.

What have I done other than my list of things to do?
-got my haircut
-got a pedicure
-got a prenatal massage

So I really can't complain. So far, going on mat leave early is a great idea. In another 2 weeks, my views on this may have changed...


  1. Good for you! I think giving yourself time is a great idea. It is important to get some "me" time before you have no time to yourself for the next year or longer! Enjoy!!!

  2. Thanks! Looking forward to reconnecting with friends like you!