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June 17, 2011

Class Review--Kindermusik Zoo Train

Description: Kindermusik® Our Time is a music curriculum where toddler and parent enjoy one another through singing, movement, listening, and instrument exploration. Our Time encourages your child to uncover an engaging musical world while building confidence, self control, and communication skills. In each class you'll experience basic musical concepts like rhythm and beat development along with musical terms.

Location: Becoming Maternity Centre, Midtown Toronto
Time: Saturday 9:30am
Instructor: Miss Michelle

This session's theme was zoo train. My son loves animals and trains so this worked out well. The book that they provided was incredible for him. He wants to read it over and over and over again and he liked the animal-shaped shaker. So the materials were pretty incredible... except the CD. I actually think the lyrics to a lot of the songs would be ok but I found the CD to be very boring. My son likes it but is not as into it as he was with other CD's like the ones from Music Together.

The class is very active and we get up and move a lot--so it's great for kids who need to burn some energy!

The one activity I don't love is where we practice "sharing". The teacher gives each kid a musical instrument and then they have to pass it to the next kid. This never goes smoothly with the kids. I get that we need to teach them to pass and share but I much preferred the Music Together way where there was a big pile of instruments and the kids could all grab at them and play and experiment.

I also like storytime but wish that it would either always be the same book or never the same book. Over a 10 week class, we have had 2 books and that's it.

I also like the animal sounds and showing the kids pictures of animals. I think that it's a great learning opportunity.

The teacher clearly knows child development theory and likes kids and music. The kids do have fun even though the class doesn't have a great flow.

I can't rave about this class because I do find it a little boring at times however my son does enjoy it for the most part and that makes me happy. He smiles and laughs and it is another way to introduce music to his life. At his daycare we keep getting comments that he loves music so that makes me think that this class has had a positive impact on him.

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  1. I need to add to this review...
    My mom went to class with my little guy today and said how much better she thought this class was to the Music Together program. I think everyone likes a different style. She thought that developmentally this was a better program because it focused on rhythm, words and learning a subject (like animals).