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November 25, 2010


I love this promo! I have posted this numerous times before but it's here again!!!

Uddercovers are awesome. I have one and used it all the time and loved it. It kept my little guy from getting distracted when he was nursing. The styles are nice and I found that mine kept it's shape. Some people say that it isn't large enough, but I never had a problem--I think it all depends on what position your child nurses in.

You just have to pay for the shipping, and they will send you their product for free, when you use this coupon code:

Click here for the website for uddercovers.

Promo Code: Thanksgiving
Discount: Free udder covers
Expires: Unknown
Shipping via USPS costs only $9.95. The Udder Covers costs $32 normally, but the above promo code discounts them down to zero.

1 comment:

  1. My friend JY adds:
    After you click "checkout" your email address becomes a promo code for sevenslings and you get the 100% discount.