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November 26, 2010

Free Baby Slings @ SevenSlings (Pay Shipping)

Free Baby Slings @ SevenSlings (Pay Shipping)

Coupon Code: onefree / thanksgiving
Discount: Free sling
Expires: Unknown

WEBSITE: https://www.sevenslings.com/index.php/cart

The slings show up on the website priced at $39 each. When you add one to your shopping cart and apply the coupon code, it discounts the $39 down to zero. There is “size exchange insurance” which you can take for $3.50 – but have a read of the T&Cs before you take that. Shipping is then $11.95 (u.s.). I have ordered from this company before for an uddercover with the same sort of deal and there were no problems.

Before you buy, here are some reviews.

Slings do take some getting used to. Get comfortable with it. I had someone take a look to see if I had my baby in properly the first time I used it. I found that my sling (not a sevensling) was a godsend when my little guy was young. He loved it. I then used it as a convenience carrier later on. I had it in my purse/diaper bag and used it when we were running into a store or when we were walking and he started crying. I prefer the BECO for long walks but the sling still works now (and he is 17 months) and is very convenient to have with me. When he was young though, he was always in the sling. Also love the sling for airports.

Slings typically retail for $35-70.

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