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October 12, 2010

Hotel Etiquette with a baby?

All the sleep books and online advice I have read have said that your baby should behave the same as they do at home while traveling. This is a lie. My child regularly sleeps through the night and on vacation he has been waking up numerous times. I brought a sheet from home, his snuggly toy and his sound machine. For the past two nights however our son has ended up sleeping with us as after hours of crying and struggling we just have had enough and so has he. So he gets a little sleep and mommy and daddy get no sleep.

All that to ask the question: what is hotel etiquette when traveling with a baby? Although at home if we are having a rough go at bedtime I let my son cry it out a bit--what to do in a hotel where we may be disturbing other guests?

I am horrified that my son is possibly keeping people up at night--my husband has been trying to convince me that no one can hear the noise through the walls. Any idea?


  1. I would probably be worried about waking others too, but I am sure he will not. I would give him a chance to cry it out a bit and see what happens. I am sure you will hear from the front desk if it is truly bothering anyone.

    Are you all in the same room or is it a suite? Is he crying because he can see you?

    Jessica has always slept well when we are away, but we always make sure she has her own room/space where she cannot see us.

    Good luck with it. I hope it is better tonight!

  2. Thanks!
    We had some rough nights and he ended up sleeping with us too...Suites are totally the way to go!