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October 3, 2010

BRAT diet

Why have I not posted something in a few days you ask? Well... we have had a pretty rough few days dealing with a mild case of diarrhea (although still unpleasant). He was able to keep his fluids up and he maintained a healthy appetite but diaper changing was very frequent. Everyone kept telling me "oh, that happens. Just do the BRAT diet."

I had never heard of the BRAT diet before. So let me explain what it is for all you moms out there who are just clueless as me.



Does it help? Since some of those foods, especially bananas and rice, are 'binders' and are considered to be constipating, they might help diarrhea.

Many people recommend the BRAT diet and other people say that children should continue their regular diet when they have diarrhea. The American Academy of Pediatrics states that 'most children should continue to eat a normal diet including formula or milk while they have mild diarrhea.'

Yogurt with active cultures, which contain acidophilus, may be helpful.

Pedialyte is also something people recommended. My doc said that the pedialyte is good to prevent dehydration, but it`s not a cure for the diarrhea. So a good thing to have on hand if your child is vomiting or has diarrhea.

So...not sure if the BRAT diet is the cure for diarrhea but after changing lots of diapers I was definitely feeding my little one bananas and toast!

Anyone out there have any tips?


  1. When Jessica had the same problem, her doctor said to cut out all milk products for a couple of days and it seemed to help. We also followed the BRAT diet.

  2. thanks Jen--we did just that and it seemed to have worked.

  3. Great! Glad to hear Charles is better.

  4. anyone ever hear about the BRAT diet drinks?