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August 3, 2010

Fit Mom and Baby Review

My new friend Heather passed along a quick review:

I wanted to mention an awesome exercise class for new Moms - maybe you could add it - I highly recommend it. It's called Fit Mom and Baby... I was given a session of classes for Christmas (here in Aurora) and it was awesome! check out the site - www.fitmomcanada.com ~ It's kind of like a bootcamp - but with a personal trainer because the classes are so small.

It kicks any post baby bod - and it's a good network for those who are off on mat leave and feeling lonely :)

For the Aurora/Newmarket people, contact Jody.

This is such a great review Heather because FitMom is available in lots of cities so even though you took in Aurora, the classes are available everywhere. I wonder how the dvd is???


  1. I love that Heather D is now connected to More for Moms!
    - Pinky

  2. Thanks Rochelle! Jody Goodenough leads the Aurora classes and is amazing. Here is her site within fitmom if you are in the 905. She will tone your buns and legs and she loves to make you suffer ;) Contact her! She is lovely :)


    :) Heather

  3. Thanks Heather! SO great. And I will tell you all--Heather looks awesome so this is obviously a great program!