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August 2, 2010

Can't Believe it's not Peanut Butter!

My friend Jill's daughter is starting school in September. The school actually recommended this soy butter instead of peanut butter since peanut butter is a no-no due to allergies. Jill was pleasantly surprised when they discovered that it tastes just like peanut butter and it's easy to find. (she found it at a health food store but apparently some major grocery stores carry this brand as well.) Thanks for the tip Jill and here is the link for all interested moms!



  1. i did, and it tastes just like peanut butter to me (and i love peanut butter!). and my daughter eats it, and she also loves peanut butter. i was very surprised! especially with no artificial flavouring- it must be in the way they roast the soybeans. a little more expensive than pb, but we reserve it for school lunches and places we can't take pb/nuts.

  2. And... My brother Joel tasted it and he said he couldn't taste the difference.

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