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June 6, 2010

Baby Store Review: Baby Proofing Plus by Safety Superstore

I hate writing bad reviews but I have now given this store numerous chances to redeem itself and I just haven't had a good experience. So here is the low-down. If anyone has had a better experience, please comment.

The Safety Superstore has some really good stuff in stock and often at good prices so I was obviously interested in shopping there. However, their customer service at the CONCORD location (the store at Steeles and Dufferin) has been terrible each time that I have been--I can only hope that this is due to some disgruntled employees and that the other stores have better customer service.

My major complaints?
1. Asking for help in locating a product apparently annoys the workers

2. There are things that are hard to reach (too high) and when I asked for help getting the product down I was told "well you are taller than me." then "are you sure you are going to buy it?". I stood there, with my baby in my arms and just stared at the worker in disbelief.

3. The workers are busy chatting or doing their own thing to help a client and don't even seem remotely interested that you are there when you get to the cash to checkout. Again--poor customer service.

So although their products are good, and they have a good variety, the layout of the store is not conducive to shopping with baby and the customer service is poor. Perhaps the online shopping would be a better option.


  1. I shop at the Mississauga location and although I've had better experience than you have regarding on site customer service than you have (they have been helpful whenever I've asked for help) (although the employees do talk alot amongst themselves, I attribute it to the fact that it's more of a warehouse setting), my beef is really with their return policy. They do not give cash back, only a store credit. A friend of mine had her car stolen, needed a new car seat. Went to the store, bought the seat, got home and had a message from the police that the car had been recover with no damage, car seat not touched. They drove back to the store within an hour and tried to return the car seat (still in it's unopened box) but they refused to give them a refund. Only a store credit. All I can say is that you better be really sure you won't be returning anything there or you will be forced to buy something else!

  2. I bought some magnetic safety locks.
    After spending many hours installing the first two, I found I could not get them to work. I am an engineer and an experienced home handyman.
    When I wanted to return them to the store, no explanation was offered why they did not operate, and I was continuously told about their return policy.
    They do not give money back for defective goods only a store credit, so be warned if you buy something there and it does not work you will not. get your money back

  3. A pregnant mama should not have to leave a store in tears over poor customer service. I found the staff rude and incredibly disrespectful. They would not let me return a maternity support belt that I purchased 4 days earlier and had not taken out of the box. My receipt said nothing about no returns for that item. The lady pointed to a sign by the cash that said something about no returns on personal support items. If an item is non-returnable, make it visible on the receipt. Another item that I bought (breastfeeding scarf) clearly stated final sale. I was told "well you wore it in the store for an hour, right?" Are you kidding me? I was between sizes and testing out which one I would purchase before buying the $80 item. Over my clothes I should add. I also specifically asked before I purchased if I could return it and was told yes, if it was not worn. The attitude of the two ladies serving me (one of which seemed to be a manager or owner of some sort) was unbelievable. They eventually said (after eye rolling and major annoyance) that they would return the belt but could not refund my money, I would have to get a store credit. So you will return and resell my 'used' belt just as long as you get to keep my money? I ended up taking the belt home as I will never step foot in that store again. Customer service should be your number one goal as a business.