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May 27, 2010


What makes a great sun hat? I think that the hat should provide excellent coverage and stay on the kid's head. And...not cause red marks on their chin/neck. Yes, that is my big problem: I have some cute hats but the strap with velcro leaves marks on my son's neck...maybe he has a big head or a fat neck--but either way, I wanted something that doesn't have velcro on the strap.

On the weekend my niece and nephew wore great sun hats that did not have velcro on the straps. I asked my sister in law about the hats and she referred me to two different brands and both have wide brims, are cute, have some great features and are made in Canada. I thought I would share these hats with you and please feel free to share a sun hat option if you know of one as well.

Snug as a Bug is a great Toronto store that has online options and has some GREAT hats. Currently they are 20% off and you can also use the promo code:63809 if you spend over $50 for a $10 discount. The store also has family pj's (footed pj's for everyone!) and some great products.

Twinklebelle Smart Accessories is a Vancouver based company that has some great accessories including amazing hats at reasonable prices. Check out their stuff, it is really great. They also have flat shipping rates so you know what you get right from the start. Not into ordering online? Their products are available at numerous stores across the country. Belly Laughs in Ottawa recently had their hats in stock and Safety Superstore in the GTA (3 locations) also carry them.

With this hot weather lately and with summer around the corner, a good sun hat is essential. Don't forget to label your sun hat because hats are one of those things that can be left behind!


  1. The GAP sunhats are nice for infants. Toddlers not so much. Most have the velcro--sorry Roe--I love velcro!

  2. I have a snug as a bug hat and it is amazing. It has a wide brim that covers the neck and the face (I turn up the front most of the time just so I can see my little girl's face!) and they are light and the straps work great. There is even an adjustable cord for the circumference of the head. Really good product.