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April 19, 2010


Dairy Queen (stop reading now if this already seems dangerous)

Buy 1 Blizzard, Get 2nd for 25¢! From April 19th-25th

Dairy Queen Customer Appreciation Week begins! From April 19 to 25, when you buy 1 Blizzard, you can get a second Blizzard for just 25¢.

Just in case you need a reason:
If you are pregnant, you are eating for 2.
If you are running around after a toddler, you burn lots of calories.
Nursing? You burn extra calories every day so you need to replenish the deficit.
If you go for a walk pushing a stroller, clearly you have just done cardio and resistance training.
Your child wants a treat? no need to share a blizzard--you can each get one.
Trying to get pregnant? Dairy Queen is a great date. :)


  1. I just did a search on the DQ website for our best location! Sad eh? :-) Not trying to get pregnant, but sounds like a great date to me!

  2. I agree- great date night . Love DQ! Thanks for posting this =)

  3. The excuse for Meghan and Mommyof1 is that you did a 5k on the weekend with your husbands--clearly you all deserve treats!