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March 26, 2010


Recently, a mom-to-be friend of mine asked me what brand she should buy for a onesie.

Although onesies are essential throughout babies 1st year, I told her that for the start I wish I had had a lot more diaper shirts. (you know, the ones that snap up the front and are usually quite unattractive but at least you don't have to put it over their head ones...) I also believe that since all brands of onesies fit differently there are some that you like and some that don't fit your little one. But...if you are purchasing a diaper shirt/onesie here are my recommendations and I hope to hear about yours.

DIAPER SHIRT: JOE FRESH (inexpensive and available in white, green, yellow, blue and pink). Plain and simple. They fit my little guy for quite awhile and they are available from newborn to approx 6 months.

ONESIE: I bought CARTERS brand because in the U.S. you can get them very cheap in packs of 5 at discount stores such as Marshall's or Ross Dress for Less. (or even the Carters outlet). I find they wash well and are true to the size. If you get the discount store ones the colours/prints are very limited but most of the time the onesies are covered anyway, but I did find some nice cute ones. One negative I find with Carters? Gender Neutral doesn't really happen---so sports theme/blue ect..for my little guy.

GIFT OF A ONESIE: If I am going to buy a cute cheeky onesie for a friend as a gift it is from LoveChild on Yonge north of Eglinton. "Mane Man" with a lion on it. "Chick Magnet" with a baby chick.

I am looking forward to reading your input on this--I know you all use onesies!


  1. Carters is definitely the favourite here. We bought them in Richmond Hill at the Carter's/Osh Kosh store. They also come 5 in a set for $12.99 and there is good selection. They are the kind that stretch over the head (shoulders open a bit), but are very roomy and we never struggled getting them on right from birth. Our second favourite are some of the ones we have from the Gap, but they are pricey and we just had hand-me-downs.

  2. We received a whole variety of sizes of plain white Carter's onesies as a gift before our baby was born. At the time, I thought it was crazy - why would we need all of them? We'll, we did need them, and they were great for layering even in warmer months if we were in air conditioning. She's since outgrown the ones we received as a gift, and I've got a couple packs of the plain Joe Fresh ones (3 for $10 I think). I like to know her tummy is warm during the cold months.

    I use to really like the ones without snaps on the neck, but I've since changed my mind for onesies she wears on the outside. The ones without snaps, tend to pull too far down as she gets longer. Maybe it's just time for the next size - but she's not a long baby.

  3. I can never find Carter's onesies short-sleeved in white. I have the long-sleeved ones and love them. Like Roe, I end up dressing my little girl in pink onesies when I wish they were green or white. Oh well. For the price, they are worth it. I went to Buffalo to get mine at Marshall's and they were 7.99 for 5. CRAZY!!! Factor in the gas, the time and all the other stuff I bought in the states, probably not a great deal. don't tell my hubby. lol.

    I have also used the ones they sell at Costco in a five pack. They are a good deal but you should know that they run a little short in length. Very cute designs as well.

  4. I like the GAP ones but they are find to come by so I gave up on those quite quickly. Now I have my Mane Man in Gerber from Walmart. however, they opnly go up to size 24mths. I like them because they are cheap, long sleeve, not to thick, white and are long in the torso. I have a hard time finding long sleeve onesies that are the right length and white. I tried the JoeFresh ones but they never had white ones. I ended up getting some with patterns but a) I don't like having the patterns b) I find them too thick and c) they are too short in the torso.

    So, for now I am sticking with the Gerber ones which I love but will soon have to abandon as he is growing out of them. Thankfully summer is coming and I will be able to put him in short shleeves if need be. Maybe I'll try the Carters...

    Who knew onesies would be so hard to buy!