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March 27, 2010

Easy Keepsake

To even call this a craft is pushing it because it is just so simple and easy.

We did this yesterday in our Movers and Shakers class and it is really a craft you can do at any age.

Take a piece of paper (we used scrapbooking paper that is larger in size and coloured)
Grab some non-toxic paint in a coordinating colour
Cover your hand in paint
Press on the paper to make a print
Wash your hand
Next take paint in the same or different colour and cover your child's hand in the paint
Press their hand onto the paper or ask them to press their hand onto the paper to make a print
Let dry
Using a marker, write the child's name under their print and "mommy" under your hand print
Write the date in the corner

Perfect keepsake for a scrapbook or even to hang in a play area. The best part is that you can do it with the whole family, or with siblings...friends...whoever!
For toddlers you can even use it to teach them concepts like "big and small", "mommy and baby" or even colours depending on how creative you are.

And...if you are organized enough to do this, it's a craft you could do once a year to show them how they are growing up.

Happy crafting!

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