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February 13, 2010

Good Service! (in Toronto!!!)

I have had some very positive encounters at baby stores lately that I feel like I should share.

Yesterday, I had truly exceptional service from Sharon at Moms to be and More. She was so helpful and went out of her way to provide good service for me--running to the storeroom and searching for exactly what I wanted. She was great. Love the store.

Pretty busy day yesterday--I also had a little car seat issue--and so I went to the Canadian Car Seat Installation Centre because they do free inspections. http://www.carseatinstallationexperts.com/index.html Turned out I needed more than an inspection and they were able to help me out. They were extremely knowledgeable and really took their time with me. The great thing was that this big technician Mike has a great way with babies--and has mastered the art of entertaining a baby while explaining car seat safety. I highly recommend going there for your inspection (free) or if you need it installed--book an apt early as they are really busy. I have heard that Saturdays are insanely busy there--so try to make it during the week. All the info is on the website.

When you are at the Installation Centre you obviously have to pop into Moms to Be and More As Is store. You never know what you might find. Whenever I am in that area, I go to the store because my hubby and I found the bedroom set there for our baby last year when I was pregnant and it is great quality and the price was right. The service there is really great as well. Very laid-back and not busy but the staff there are fantastic.

At Lil' Nibletshttp://www.lilniblets.com/ I received exceptional service from Peter. I was extremely impressed by him. However, I have to admit, even though people LOVE Lil' Niblets--I am not in love with the store. The person who was helping me prior to Peter was pushy and it seemed like I was annoying him because I was taking my time with stroller shopping. At one point I just said "you know, it is going to take me awhile to decide if you want to go help someone else, that's great." Didn't love that. It was on my second visit to Lil' Niblets that I had the pleasure of being helped by Peter and it did make my experience more enjoyable. The store is super nice and they have some great products however the website is lacking and although the staff are quite knowledgeable about the products most of them have never tried the actual product out, which can be frustrating. Free parking is available on the side streets.

Happy shopping and if you ever want to share a review--please do!

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  1. I've been impressed both times by Mike at Canadian Car Seat installation. He trys that snapping thing, and Addie doesnt know whether to laugh or cry, but at least it gave Mike the time to explain the safe operation of the seat. And... 'cause he's so big, I know the seat is getting installed nice and snug!