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January 16, 2010


If your stroller has taken a beating lately with the crazy weather or it has been in storage and you are expecting a new arrival...Moms to Be and More is offering a Winter Stroller maintenance.

http://www.momstobeandmore.com has posted the following:

Call to book an appointment to tune up and clean out your stroller! We will get rid of any hair or dirt, lube your wheels and put a shine to your frame in just 30 minutes. We will do Bugaboos, BOBs, UPPAbaby Vistas, Peg Peregos, Valcos and more!

Dates start from Monday, February 1st to Friday, February 5th and runs from 10 am to 5 pm.

Drop-ins welcome if space is available! Cost: $30 + GST. Phone number: (416) 489-3838

A little early for Spring Cleaning but if your stroller needs it--having someone else do it for you will make your life easier!

If you feel like spending some quality time with your stroller, you can give it a tune-up and maintenance yourself by following these steps.

Place the stroller outside. Open the stroller and lock it into place so it remains in place for the cleaning. If you decide the entire stroller needs washing, find the snaps on the fabric. (Almost all strollers come apart). Unsnap the fabric pieces
Set your washing machine for a small load and cold water. Warm or hot water can cause the fabric to shrink. Use half the amount of liquid laundry soap you would usually use, wash on gentle cycle. If you don`t want to wash all the fabric--typically the seat cushion and head rest and straps are the ones that need it most. Do not put anything in the dryer--hang to dry.
If you cannot unsnap the fabric or decide that the entire stroller doesn`t need a washing:
Vacuum the stroller seat with a hand vacuum to suck up any dirt or food particles stuck in the seat cushion and spot-clean spills and stains with a safe detergent.

The frame:

Run a damp cloth over the front and back frame of the baby stroller and then use a hose to spray down the wheels to remove leaves and dirt.

Scrub the baby stroller's snack tray, if it has one, as it collects a lot of food crumbs and spilled beverage stains.

Clean your baby's stroller toys with mild soap and water, so they don't bring germs into the newly-cleaned stroller.

Give extra cleaning time to the handlebar you use to push your baby's stroller, as it likely contains germs from your hands.

Use disinfecting wipes to wipe down the metal parts of the stroller while your fabric parts are in the washing machine.

Use an old rag soaked in soapy dish water to wipe the rest of the dirt off the wheels. Then rinse the wheels off again with the hose.

Dry the metal parts of your stroller with another rag before you snap the fabric back onto the stroller.

If your stroller has some metal parts (that are not alluminum) you can use a rust-proof product on them.

Inflate the tires if needed.

Keep the stroller unfolded and outside for several hours to allow it to dry.

Great times of the year to do your stroller maintenance is at the end of each season or as needed. (if the weather has been bad and the stroller has been through some muddy terrain, do it sooner than later--rain does not wash a stroller well.)

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