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January 17, 2010


I need tips on laundering!

What are the best ways to treat baby stains on clothing?

Prior to becoming a mom I never really had to worry about poo stains or spit-up stains. I am having trouble getting the stains out and it is driving me crazy!

Any tips would be appreciated--except if you tell me to put his clothes out in the sun. It's winter. I am not putting my child's onesies out on our patio table. So if that's your tip--please don't post it. :)


  1. Baby oxyclean, or the generic brand (no name). About a year ago I would say spray n' wash stick but they don't make it anymore. The best thing though is as soon as you takes off babes clothing, spray with oxy clean. If the stain has set in, use the soak powder. Soak for 12 hours minimum. Wash as usual. Heard amaze powder works very well too but haven't tried.

  2. I have found that Liquid Tide, applied directly to the stain (preferrably when still wet), will generally get out most stains. If you give it a bit of a scrub before you throw it into the washer then that helps, too.