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January 25, 2010

Promo Codes, freestuff and giveaways..OH MY!

Recently a friend of mine who is due this Spring asked me how to get good deals on products and what she should do before she has her baby.

My advice: sign up for stuff and spend lots of time on the internet researching.

If you go to websites and they have offers--sign up for them. Create a separate email account and go crazy. Really--this is how you can get some really great deals (but create a separate account so that if you get inundated with junk--you can weed through it without it getting in with your personal email)


#1 --Before you buy anything on the internet--take two seconds and do a quick search for promo codes and discounts for the site that you are purchasing from. (or for the product) Recently I was shopping for a product and did a quick search for "discount on product" and lo and behold I saved myself $2 with a promo code. I know, $2 is not much...but for under 5 mins of searching, it was totally worth it. There are sites that just list promo codes!

#2--Participate in giveaways--you never know what you can win. Again, create an email account for this. I won a wedding dress for my wedding (through a ballot at a wedding show--) and I hope that in the next few months I can report that I am also a big winner for my little guy. Seriously--someone has to win--why not you? One of my fave sites for baby giveaways and organic giveaways is: www.organicgirl.ca So far through giveaways, I have won a cloth diaper (retail value of $22) of a brand that I never would have tried otherwise and a book from a different giveaway. It's cool to win.

#3--Check blogs (mine) for deals.

#4--Take the time to get to know products--and the price point. Search for the products on the internet at a variety of stores then ask people what they paid for similar products. Don't be shy to ask "how much was it?" in a conversation.

#5--Be careful when shopping on U.S. sites--their deals can be great--but sometimes once you factor in shipping and DUTY--you are in for a surprise.

#6--Check things out on KIJIJI and Craig's List and E-Bay. This is all part of knowing your product and the resale value. It is also great to buy used for a lot of baby stuff. Toys that are in good condition are often found second hand and some really great baby gear can be found second-hand. (carriers, strollers, cribs, clothes, cloth diapers) I saw a cool "everything you need for your baby's first year" kit on Kijiji and I thought that that was pretty creative on the seller's part--but the products were great. Just know the safety standards on cribs, strollers, ect and check for any recalls as well.

#7--See what discounts local stores might offer. www.babyontheway.ca for instance has a section on discounts where they offer coupons and promo codes for a variety of stores in your area.

#8--Before buying another Mom book, Pregnancy book, Sleep book, Parenting book ect...borrow it from a friend or from the library. Sometimes you will love the book so much that you realize that you need your own copy to have for reference but most of the time just reading it, taking the ideas and handing it back to someone is the way to go. Swap with friends.

#9--Save diaper coupons, baby food coupons, wipes coupons, ect. These will arrive in the mail when you have a baby. Use them or save them. Save them so you can later swap with friends or use them to have some things on hand for when your bundle of joy arrives.

#10--Before you buy or register for any product (moms and moms to be) ask someone about it. Moms love talking about gear and they will help you out. Keep all receipts so you can take things back just in case and create a binder/file with all the receipts, instructions or warranties on products.
My friends (Girl from the Burl and Belle) both helped me immensely on what I would need for my new baby and nothing beats mommy-wisdom. But even now--I always ask around before any purchase.

I hope this helps DHEENA! :) and for all those Moms out there who haven't started siging up for deals and giveaways or using promo codes or discounts--it's never too late to start!


  1. Great advice Roe! It can be very overwhelming being a new mommy and there is so much stuff out there. I agree with everything you said, specially the research part and asking mommy friends!

  2. Great advice! I wish I had followed more of it before having a baby :-)