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January 26, 2010

Class Review--Mom & Baby Yoga at the Orange Dot

This is from a guest blogger named Suzie.

class: Mom and Baby Yoga
Time: Evenings--6:30pm
Location: The Orange Dot Lawrence/Avenue

I really liked this course because it helped me get my body back after the birth of my DD. It was interesting to use my body with hers and it is a workout where you can bond with your child. The instructor was quite good and very patient when our babies would get fussy. The class was small which was nice. I come from no yoga knowledge so I learned some pretty basic stuff. Now, I practice yoga without my baby because of what I learned there.

The only problem turned out to be the time of the class. Many of the babies were being fussy because it was getting to be their bedtimes. There were other times offered but evenings are typically when I need a break so I thought it would work out well. It did work out well at first but then as my child got a bit older--crankies.

Overall, I would recommend this course. I thought it was a good workout and just what I needed.

From ROE: I have never done a class at the Orange Dot. Thanks so much for reviewing this and sending it in to me. I really appreciate it.

For more information on Orange Dot classes and course offerings:www.orangedotinc.com


  1. Roe: I am shocked that you are not taking a yoga class right now. you love fitness classes.

  2. I really should be taking some sort of fitness class... sigh...