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January 14, 2010

Class Review--Parent & Tot Swimming Class at Eunice's Swim School

Baby Class Review

Class Name: Parent & Tot Swim Program

Location of Class: Eunice’s Swim School (Marlee (North of Eglinton, close to the Allen)

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The pool is really warm (90 degrees)—so it nice and warm for the little ones. The babies don’t get cold—which is great. The change rooms are clean and they have IKEA high chairs to put your babies in while you change (very good idea). The facilities are old but clean and well maintained. The equipment is all well taken care of and replaced when it gets over-used. The class I attended was taught by Eunice and she is very knowledgeable and shows techniques to parents. When she is teaching the course should be called “Getting Comfortable with your Baby in the water” as she shows techniques to parents to guide their babies through swimming. During the class she gives individual attention to each parent and baby and sometimes you have time on your own to just play with your little one in the water while she is working with someone else. Eunice is nice but not over-the-top enthusiastic—she does songs but her forte is really instructing parents.

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